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888poker review – A walkthrough Guide

888poker review

888poker was earlier known by the name of Pacific poker. It is a type of international online poker game which is owned 888 holdings. It was established and founded in 2002, having its headquarters in Gibraltar. The area served by 888poker online is worldwide and internationally. You will find many celebrities and professional poker players are the brand ambassador of 888poker game. 888poker was the first online poker game to provide the facilities of a webcam, which allows the user’s to interact and socialize with many other players enjoying the game at the same time, additionally.

It provides you with the opportunity to look at the behaviour of your opponent player and make decisions according to that. 888poker has expanded its business in the mobile poker market and has upgraded its mobile app. 888pokers provide a daily basis free tournaments and many exciting prizes and scratch cards after every five steps you complete, which makes the player more attracted to the game.  888poker review also provides you with the feature of player notes, which helps you to keep observations on others’ playing style, which might be beneficial in terms of winning.  Let’s discuss important information about 888poker.

Player notes window

888poker review

This window appears on the screen, and you can write any note for the player informing him about his specialties and things you like in him. You can mark him with an icon or with any color and tag him, this icon will appear on the player’s nameplate, and to edit your notes, you can click on the notes icon. Until you remove them from the game, the player’s notes and labels will appear on the player’s nameplate automatically with the help of 888poker applications. 

User settings and keyboard control

You can customize your poker experience with the help of graphics, sounds, alerts, and other special features provided in the setting options. You can make a choice between three table themes and disable animations and many more. For doing all these things, you must be aware of a few keyboard controls like:

  • Fold – F5
  • Call/ check – F6
  • Bet/ raise – F7

888poker is one of the fastest growing online poker games with millions of users and registered people and still counting to be many more. Every 12 seconds, a new player signs up into 888poker games, making it reach the top of the peaks. It is available in nine different languages worldwide and is regulated by the UK gambling commission. 888poker has won many awards, including the EGR award. You can also get a welcome bonus on the 888poker site, you just have to deposit $10 or use the promo code WELCOME100, you will get a 100 per cent welcome bonus.

Tournament information

In order to make access to important information about the Tournament, then you should consider the following important points:

  • If you want to make access to important details about the selected tournament, then you should tap on the lobby where you can access important details about it.
  • In the section of the lobby, a person can track the current position, lowest, highest & average stacks.
  • It is considered as one of the casual-feeling websites for the players in the market.
  • This particular platform comes with softer player bases, and promotions are excellent.

Prize Scratch cards

Whenever a person is completing the level in 888Poker, then you will able to get a particular Mystery club scratch card. You will able to win a variety of prizes:

  • Cash Bonuses
  • Casino Free Play
  • Sports free bets
  • Live Bet Bonuses.

Status Points

They are running a particular rewards program that is incorporated with six statuses that you will able to achieve at any time of the month.  The collection of the status point will determine the status of the reward program. If you are earning more status points, then you will surely reach close to the premium status. 

Reward points

If you are creating an account on such an incredible platform, then it is your responsibility to participate in the loyalty program that is offering a sufficient amount of reward points. These points are valuable. Therefore, a person will able to convert essential points in the money with ease.

In order to win a lot of money, then it is your responsibility to participate in the tournament. The majority of the folks are already participating in the bigger tournaments where you can easily make money—all you need to deposit a nominal fee and earn something big. 

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