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Zoom Got Rooms for Poker

Zoom app

During this COVID – 19 pandemic, Zoom video platforms remain useful for many purposes. All the classes, meetings were held on the Zoom app. 

During the lockdown, everything became so boring. So the online Poker rooms were made in zoom for the players. Many people can join and play together without any limitations. 

Playing Poker Online doesn’t require any mask, social distance or anything. You can make your own rules on zoom and play with your friends by sharing the meeting Id and password of the room created in the Zoom app. 

As zoom allows you to see and talk which helps you to get interacted with the group of people you are playing.

Online Poker being more popular 

Zoom video platforms
  • During the COVID-19, everything became online. For entertainment and fun, many people started playing online Poker which offered various types of interesting games. 
  • The poker site is mainly designed for mobiles, to provide convenience to the players who prefer to play games on their devices and get thrilled by the functionality and alternatives that are easily accessible through the Android and iOS apps.
  • Poker is famous in various cities and offers games from Texas Hold’em to Omaha, Capsa Susun, Super10, Domino. Most of the finance offered is from Texas Holdem. All the poker games provide a huge profit that not a single game can be enlisted as a high- profit game. It gives a huge profit to the government in the countries it is legalized. 
  • As it is an attractive game and people often get addicted to it after playing and winning. It makes a huge profit for the owner and the government too.

Poker rooms reopening 

Poker rooms online
  • The government has decided to reopen the poker rooms. In many countries, Poker rooms will be reopened along with the safety guidelines provided by the government. The poker room will be opening with few guidelines for safety. Only 30 tables will be used for games. A glass divider will be used to create space between the players. The cash associated games will be allowed while reopening. 
  • Beverages will be served in the poker room but no food is allowed. To stay safe people are requested to wear the mask in the room and maintain social distancing. Sanitisers will be placed in the room for public use.  

Virtual Poker League 2020

Virtual Poker

In this Virtual Poker League, top 30 Poker players of the World will participate and play for the Charity. The top players will play together and the collected money will be donated to the Charity. As the Poker rooms were closed for several months and were going to be opened after following all the safety measures. Many players who haven’t played for many months will be excited and will play with great enthusiasm. The players can win money by using their skills. All the experienced players will participate and it will be great fun to watch many experienced players playing together by using their own unique way of playing. 

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Last modified: May 3, 2023